Yew Rule (s)

Yew Tree Premium Supplements is guided by rules we have set ourselves. This is to help us remember why we started Yew Tree Premium Supplements and how to keep us striving to do better. Below are our rules and why we try to implement them.

1Rule One

To always source the best possible ingredients – If we wouldn’t give it to our loved ones, we wouldn’t sell it to you.

When it comes to sourcing, we search every avenue and every country for the purest ingredients. We then use the latest and softest manufacturing procedures.

We guarantee non-GM, non-irradiated and 100% active ingredients with no nasty additives whatsoever. No added sugars, no colourings or artificial flavourings, making our products as clean, fresh and as pure as they can be.

2Rule Two

To create a supplement system where each product works synergistically with another.

Many Supplement companies sell hundreds of products, making it challenging to cherry-pick the best selection for oneself. Often you may spend heavily on a single ingredient when all you need is a fraction daily.

When purchasing multiple products, it can be hard to know if one product helps or hinders another.

That’s why it’s Yew Tree Premium Supplements aims to ensure every product we sell can not only be taken together but also works synergistically.

3Rule Three

To ignore profit margins.

Although it is true that in business, you have to continually search for the best and cost-effective way to run a company, however, it is our rule to never compromise on ingredient. If that means cutting into our profit margins by using the only PURE Taurine we could find on the market, then so be it.

More Products can mean more profits.

Lights On has 19 different ingredients. This product alone could be split into four or five separate products which would increase profit margins exponentially. If you pop down to your local supplement store have a look at how many ingredients are in the natural products (not synthetic), on average there will be one or two. The reason we do it differently is to save our customers money and to meet their needs with as few products as possible. After all who wants to be taking a large number of pills throughout the day?

4Rule Four

To make sure all products can be used alongside one another or singly.

Often we just want to hone in on one area of our health, be that joint pain, or immunity or something else.

That does not mean, however, that you can’t get added joint support without a boost to your immunity, because often certain ingredients have more than one benefit. Yew Tree Supplements have carefully blended each product so you can get an overall health contribution from as few products as possible. With the reassurance that each of Yew Tree Supplements products can be taken together.

5Rule Five

To not use synthetic B-vitamins.

Synthetic B-vitamins are cheap and widespread. The only B vitamins we use are natural.

Click here for a more detailed look at the difference between natural and synthetic B-Vitamins.

6Rule six

To always use capsules and never pills.

Capsules are more expensive to manufacture than tablets, but they have some key benefits.

Often they are easier to swallow and can be broken open allowing the ingredients to be sprinkled on food or mixed with a drink.

Often with tablets fillers are added to bind and stick the ingredients together. These binders can often cause stomach irritation.

Capsules not only allow for a more unique ingredient combination but they protect sensitive ingredients.

7Rule Seven

To limit product production.

Many companies sell hundreds of products with singular or few ingredients. Which is fine. However, If they were to combine these ingredients into formulas their profits would suffer.

Yew Tree Premium Supplements has made a promise to keep their product range low. Making it less confusing and being able to cover our customer’s needs with as few products as possible is one of our key objectives.